I can be contacted easily by email, as I check them daily. Currently Ephyn does not have a landline telephone number. If I have not replied to you within 3-4 working days it is likely that I am either at an event or otherwise unable to reach a computer, all enquiries will be answered as swiftly as possible.

ephyn.designs [AT] gmail.com


The process of commissioning Clockwork Firebird Designs is quite simple, and details are given below.

Stage 1: The Idea
No matter what your idea is, the more references and description you can give, the easier the design work will be. This can be in the form of screen-shots, photos, sketches or written descriptions. If you want a direct copy of something then please obtain the artists’ permission (where possible, this mostly applies to short-run press and illustration work) and copy their response across to me via email.
I conduct all commissions discussions via email, as this is the easiest way to keep track. If you have found me on Skype, IRC or similar then I am happy to talk with you, but nothing can be confirmed unless you email me.

Stage 2: The Artwork
This can take up to three weeks and is the general back-and-forth stage of the design process. I will talk to you, sketch for you, and generally discuss what your idea should look like and where its limitations may lie.
If this process becomes massively drawn out then I will have to ask for payment towards the hours of work I will be doing. Generally, this is a quick process and I do not charge for it.

Stage 3: The Estimates and Pricing
Once the design has been tweaked and agreed on it will be priced up and a deposit calculated. Clockwork Firebird works in Pounds Sterling (GBP), and we prefer to take payment via bank transfer or cheque (which will be cleared and checked before proceeding further). PayPal can be used if requested but will be subject to additional fees.
Obviously, anything bought via my Etsy shop goes via Paypal regardless, and I am willing to put your commission as an Etsy listing for you to ‘buy’ via that site if you are an overseas customer.
The deposit (usually 40% of the overall price of the commission) is non-refundable. Postage will be estimated at this stage but not included as part of the deposit amount. Any orders totalling under £100 will be asked to pay all money in advance.The Money Shot courtesy of Tom Garnett’s Flickr.

Stage 4: The Creation!
With the design and money sorted I will then buy in all the relevant materials and get started. A time estimate will be given along with the costing.
If you have a specific deadline (i.e. a set event) then it will be worked to as much as is possible. If the commission is given with extremely short notice then you may be subject to extra charges in order to get it finished.
Should the deadline change after production has started, to the extent that it is not possible to finish the item in time then you will have the opportunity to halt production on the item but your deposit will not be refunded. I also reserve the right to sell on any halted commissions as stock items once they are finished to a suitable state.

Stage 5: The Shipping
When the item is finished and approved it will be ready for shipping. As mentioned above the postage will have been estimated but not added in to the deposit amount as it is subject to change depending on the location of the commissioner, and the ever changing postal charges.
Please note that any customs charges are the responsibility of the recipient of the item and are not going to be handled by Ephyn.
This is also the stage when the final payment for the item is expected (unless arranged otherwise). Your kit will not be shipped without cleared payment at this stage, regardless of when you require it for. It is the responsibility of the commissioner to make sure the address given for postage is correct, any items returned by the postal service may be subject to additional postage fees.