Who is The Firebird?

Lacking a better description, I’m an above-average height person with an above-average interest in costumes, monsters and anything I can make. I have been sewing for as long as I can remember, initially starting when I got frustrated that – of all things – nobody made the Pokemon soft toys that I wanted, so I set-to and made my own.

This slowly expanded and soon the little soft toys became fully fledged monsters, with my first large monster costume (Red XIII) appearing in August 2007 at Amecon. Since then I’ve been making costumes to mimic characters from illustration, animation or created by my own hand.

I started leatherworking in 2008 when I got into a type of free-form improvised theatre known as Live Action Role-Play (or LARP, for short). I couldn’t find suitably lightweight armour that would fit me, so I decided to have a go at making my own. In 2010 I expanded to taking on commissions as well as making my own kit, and set up Clockwork Firebird Designs as a result of this.

Outside of the crafting, I am a recent graduate from Durham University, holding an MA in English Literary Studies, specialising in Poetry and the study of Old Norse sagas.
I have a keen interest in academia and some day when time and funding allow I hope to pursue my studies further, for now I am contented to avidly read pretty much anything on the subject of Old Norse, alongside my stack of comics and science-fiction-and-fantasy novels.