Trinkets and Jewellery

Trinkets & Jewellery

Leather isn’t all about armour and protection from incoming pointy things, leather can be used to make pretty trinkets too. Everything of that ilk, be it gift, bags, wristlets or ornamental crowns, is in this section.

One of the themed styles that I make is known as the ‘Give Me Thorns’ range, where each piece has a cutaway, thorny demeanour. I make chokers, wristlets and all sorts of things with this theme in mind, each with a slightly fae-esque twist on beauty wrapped in thorns.

Pieces like the wristbands and plain chokers are customisable, and can be made any size, any length, and any one of 27 colours (or more if I’m willing to experiment with mixing dye). I can tool in runes, or use a pyrography pen to burn a desired design into the leather as required.
The masks are housed in this section, despite being quite ‘beastikin’ in their nature, because they are also useful for masquerades, Halloween and general costume wear amongst other things. You may find a beautiful porcelain lady, or a scowling demon, in that section, and each one is completely unique.

Any and all available stock for these items can be found on the Etsy shop, please email me with any enquiries about items made to order.

Plain 1” thick writbands with a variety of tooled, pyrographed or painted designs. Generally fastened via snaps or eyelets and ribbons, these make excellent gifts.
Plain 1-2” thick chokers with a variety of tooled, pyrographed or painted designs. Generally fastened via snaps, small buckles, or eyelets and ribbons, these make excellent gifts.
Headgear & Circlets
Crowns, circlets, tiaras and hairslides of all shapes, sizes and colours can be found here. Modelled on everything from thorns to art deco designs, these pieces are perfect for making a statement with any character or costume.
Keyrings & Hanging Things
Tree decorations for all occasions, hanging pieces to commemorate favourite characters or themes, keyrings for loved ones or just so you don’t end up losing the back door key for the Nth time this week, it’s all in here.
Give Me Thorns
The themed range that I produce, the ‘Give Me Thorns’ range leans heavily on natural shapes and influences from art nouveau to give it an organic, flowing style with a hint of the sinister. All pieces in the range can be found here.
Monsters, demons, cats, ladies, gentleman and something a little more sinister, what character are you looking to find? For masquerade, costume or just dressing up, these masks are all unique and each embodies a differing character.