The Order of the Pegasus

The Order of the Pegasus (L to R: Bella/Amy, Bo/Jaki, Summer/CFD) – Loxwood Joust 2019, Photo by Val T

The Order of the Pegasus is a group of riders from across the UK who partake in re-enactment demonstrations and shows. Members range from the vastly experienced – such as Jaki with her long-time horsey companion Bo – to the newly joined, such as myself and Summer.

Riders and horses from many different backgrounds have joined the group; we currently have ex-hunters, polo horses, movie stunt horses, and happy-hacker types. The only stipulation of joining The Order of the Pegasus is that riders must own and ride their own horse. We don’t hire horses, or kit. The group meets up regularly – with and without our horses – to train and discuss kit and shows. 

Hunting Games and finally managing to hit a target! (L to R: Pete H, Summer/CFD) – Loxwood Joust 2019

My first outing with the group was the Loxwood Joust 2017 where I attended as Ground Crew: vital team members who help set up the arena, manage the horses, and ‘load’ us with weapons! Without the Ground Crew, events wouldn’t happen. Myself and Summer attended Loxwood Joust as a pair in 2019. My aim is terrible – one of the few ‘hits’ is shown in the photo above – but we had a phenomenal time together.

At present The Order of the Pegasus does 15th Century (or thereabouts) demonstrations of hunting games, and skill-at-arms, with some horse-to-ground combat thrown in. We do not currently do jousting, though we can demonstrate how a horse would be trained to do this via running (no weapons!) at each other down the tilt, or running at a Quintain target. The group has done demonstrations of Roman-era riding, and some forays into the world of the Highwayman.

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