Stunt Riding

I have been the stereotypical ‘horsey-mad’ individual since a young age, collecting and playing with a veritable army of plastic equines in colours from teeth-hurting candy pink through to more realistic mottled browns.

Riding lessons happened, and once I was old enough I would help out at the local riding schools whenever I could to learn more about horse care and management.

Summer at Loxwod Joust 2019

At the age of fifteen and after much planning and hard work, I was able to afford my own horse and in September 2004 Summer entered my life. Summer has been putting up with me ever since. In 2017, Poppy joined the group as a (very) youngster-in-training.

I am training both my horses and myself to do stunt riding, which here refers to anything odd or interesting: TREC, re-enactment, ‘trick training’, obstacle courses, horse agility (yes, that’s a thing), and liberty/free riding are all parts of what we are learning together.

To learn more about the groups that we are part of, and the current herd, please check out the site menu.

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