Ball Jointed Doll Clothes

What is a Ball-Joint-Doll? Loosely, it’s a resin doll held together by elasticated string, with a number of joints to allow for pose-ability. They can be viewed as art pieces, collectors items or do-it-yourself art projects. Generally they are not recommended as actual toys for small children.

I own two dolls, on 70cm male and one 60cm female, who have been ‘well loved’ before they reached me. As such, they are perfect to be models and workhorses testing out a new venture into the world of miniature armour and costume.

For now this section is empty, as I haven’t had time dedicate to the dolls, but as things come to pass I will be adding what I make to this section and the Etsy shop as appropriate. For now I am not taking on Ball-Joint-Doll specific sized commissions.

Price Range: Commission Based