Monsters & Dolls

My first foray into crafting was making small soft toys of monsters and creatures that I had either drawn or seen in cartoons. Now, I still make monsters, they’re just a bit bigger! At least, they usually are. Monster commissions are few, and I generally make the very large ones for personal competition use, as their costs to make stretch well into the hundreds of pounds.

But what of ‘Beastkin’? Beastkin are a frequent feature in comics, LARP and costumery, they’re generally anything that isn’t human or has non-human features. I aim to make that possible in costume by making tails, ears, helms and other parts that augment the wearer’s form and allow them to look less human. These things are taken as orders on a regular basis, and I’m always expanding the range of what I can make.

Finally, I am a hobby-collector of ball-joint dolls, and I am starting to make outfits for them too. Since they are little, and I generally end up making them into Knights or monsters, they’re in this section as well.

Large Monsters
Classed as full body costumes where the wearer is fully hidden by the outfit, these are rarely taken as commissions. I can make one-off cheap-and-cheerful monsters at request, so long as they are picked up or the client pays for a courier to take them to their destination.

Non-humans, creatures, mutants and xenos creations all abide here. If you want horns, ears, tails or wings, this is the section to find them.

Ball-Joint Doll Costumes
Just because they’re 1/6 or 1/3 scale doesn’t mean they’re any less deserving of stylish outfits. Anything I’ve made for Ball-joint-dolls of varying brands and scales is located in here.