Below are a series of links to sites of personages I have dealt with over the years, or whose games/conventions I have perused. If you would like to be added to this page please email me at ephyn (dot) designs (at) with appropriate links and any buttons/banners you would like for your site, and I’ll add you! If you would like to link to me, please save and host one of the banner images below.


Dead Badger Designs
High quality larp safe weaponry, prosthetics, masks and body parts made to order. Based in Oxford, UK.
Candy & Cyanide Jewellery
Cute and adorable jewellery for any budget, featuring everything from My Little Ponies to skulls, made by the talented Kim! Her Facebook page frequently has promotional and fun offers.
Firecat Masquerades
Event organisers, entertainers, musicians, anything and everything you need to make an event spectacular! These guys also run the ‘Winter in the Willows’ LARP system linked below. Expect boundless enthusiasm, professionalism and perfection.
Oliver Facey Photography
A one-man photographing spectacular, Oli can and has turned a camera to pretty much anything. His site shows a wide portfolio of event photos, some of which can be found on this site too as he has photographed Clockwork Firebird Designs’ costumes in the past.
Many Lemons (a.k.a Nert)
Another stunning photographer, but more used to the wild indoors of the Convention/Expo/Cosplay scenes. Nert and his team can and will be found everywhere in the anime scene.
Mandala LRP
Mandala is a front for several LARP games, as well as an extensive range of prosthetic/SFX products including an excellent selection of fake blood/gore/goo. They run their own LARP system ‘Alone’ as well as being crew for several other LARP systems.


Winter in the Willows:
The Knifewinter
The new Live-Action-Roleplay system from Firecat Masquerade. Based in a Wind in the Willows style setting.
A relatively new LARP system that is based in Oxford, UK. Based on the ideas of the Dreaming and Coteries of different birds (known as ‘Winged’), I heartily recommend it.
Cambridge University
Treasure Trap
As the name suggests this is a university based society system, but they do not mind non-students joining. Loosely medieval, the game setting is based in the fantasy/medieval city of Grantabrugge, on the river Granta. The city of Grantabrugge exists in a world very loosely based on feudal England, but in a plane where magic is a tangible power in everyday life and the gods can imbue their mortal followers with Miracles.

Humans are not the only sentient race, sharing that position with elves, orcs, kender and several other species, all of whom have concerns and ambitions of their own. Grantabrugge is situated in Albion approximately where Cambridge lies in England, in the lands currently controlled by the young King Samuel of Wessex.

Profound Decisions
Profound Decisions currently runs two games: ‘Maelstrom’ and ‘Odyssey’, with ‘Maelstrom’ set to end in September 2012, and a new game named ‘Empire’ to take over. They are a professional company running festival-sized events over long weekends, and both systems have rich settings to play with.