Trapeze Boots

As well as Larp/Costume creations, Clockwork Firebird Designs also offers Trapeze Boots. These are protective guards for the lower legs and feet designed to be work whilst doing Trapeze/Rope/Bar work in order to save the wearer’s legs from bruises and rubbing. Every pair is custom sized to the client for a snug fit, and because of this they are made-to-order only. Each pair can take up to two months to complete depending on the colour and complexity of the design desired.

As yet, no one has managed to get the Firebird themselves to scale a Trapeze and have a go, but I sense that my inevitable failure when I do will at least provide some amusing photos.

Basic Trapeze Boots

This is the basic boot design. It has eyelets up the back to lace on, and a modesty panel (optional). The foot section has an elasticated base which is available in white or black elastic.

This design does not feature any decoration or unusual colour work on the front of the boot and generally is made from thin goat-kip leather which is both strong and durable as well as giving them a glossy black finish, or in clothing weight plain leather if you would like a matte-effect. Eyelets are available in silver, brassed or blackened.

Prices: £60-70 per Pair (With Laces)
(not included: my horrible taste in socks)

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