Shirts & Tunics

Base layers, they keep you warm and they keep you stylish. Period pieces, LARP layers and cosplay mimics are all in here. If you have a specific cosplay character in mind please send me as many references as you can when you email in, so I can best replicate the details of the original.

Basic Polycotton Frilly Shirt

Shown worn with the sets of ‘Felice’ wings, this is a basic polycotton shirt with a folded collar and open, faced edge at the front. The sleeves are available with cuffs or elasticated ruffles, and the hem is finished with slits at the side for extra movement.

Each shirt is available with eyelets or buttonholes on the facing for lacing it shut with ribbon/thonging, whilst the neck is available with or without a ruffled edge.

A rainbow of colours is available, basically as long as I can source it I will use it. The easiest colours and ones I am more likely to keep as stock are white, black and brown.

Price: £25-35


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