Cosplay Pieces

Catbus/Nekobus Cosplay

Another one person quad suit, with 8 extra inflateably legs, an inflateable tail, collapsable bus section for easy transport, and light up eyes!This costume took 2 months to build and was also extremely hot to wear, but otherwise very easy to move around in.

Debuted at London Expo 2008 it took first place in the Saturday Masquerade and was also taken to Amecon 2010 where it recieved a Judges Award.

Price to Build: £350

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Red XIII Quadsuit

Made to be worn by one person, with features such as a glowing tail, moving jaw and follow-me eyes. The wearer can move around on all fours by using arm stilts which are designed for comfort and ease of wear.Like any costume made of fur, this became very hot over time (wearing it in August didn’t help).

It was built with a cotton/spandex ‘under armour’ layer complete with muscle padding, and then a lined fur overlayer.

Price to Build: £300

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“Winged Vengeance” Wings

Separate to the actual armour, these wings function by mounting onto a leather chestpiece.They are huge, with a 6m wingspan when fully extended. One person can operate the wings once worn, but extra hands are needed to clip the wings onto the wearer. Once in, it takes about 2 minutes to drop out of the rig.

The wings are held up by fibreglass rods that insert into the top joint of the wing, whilst the rest of the wing functions as a jointed puppet. Movement is made by controlling the edges of the wings with two long poles.

This particular costume made it to the semi finals of the Venice Carnival’s Masquerade Competition 2011! The wings are made entirely of cotton sheeting and chiffon to minimise weight, and easily folded down for transport.

Price to build (wing rig only): £150

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Nefertimon: The Angel of Light

This costume used stretch velvet instead of fur, and incorperated a lot of experimentation with wonderflex and other heat molding plastics.As a test of materials it worked very well, though it does need fine tuning and in places redesigning. The feet were built on 8 inch heels which meant that getting through doors was interesting.

This costume won ‘Best Expert’ at the 2009 London Expo Saturday Masquerade.

Price to Build: £300


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