Cloaks & Coats

If it keeps the rain off or makes you look like you wear sunglasses at night, it’s in here. Cloaks are the mainstay of LARP, and a coat can really make a character stand out. From frocks to dusters, they are all in this section. If you have a specific cosplay character in mind please send me as many references as you can when you email in, so I can best replicate the details of the original.

The Inadvertent Cloak

This cloak is fully lined and ankle length, with an integrated hood.

It was nick-named the ‘Inadvertent’ cloak after it was finished, and discovered that it is, in fact, fully reversible!

This example was made from a heavy wool blend lined with thick cotton, in chocolate brown and light forest greet. Click the image to see the cloak reversed.

Price: £60-80


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“Werewolf” Hooded Long Robe
Style 1

Why is this a “Werewolf” robe? I originally made a trio of them for some Werewolf characters who needed to hide their muzzles and claws.

This robe is made from lightweight cotton and has ample bell sleeves and a large hood. It has a full circle skirt to it meaning it billows and flows in a dramatic fashion when belted at the waist, and also traps air to keep the wearer warm.

The colour, length and sleeve depth can be tailored as required. It is pictured being worn with the Beastkin digitigrade leg outfit.

Price: £40-50

Male fit Pirate Frock Coat

This male fit frock coat has been made from pure silk with a stin lining, in light olive green and silver-grey. It has been augmented with tricolour trim and antique silver buttons to enhance the natural lustre of the silk.

The cuffs are over large to pair with the full-skirted tails. This style has no collar, and fastens by buttons crossing over at the front.

This coat is available in any fabric, and the price reflects the ‘standard’ fabric options. Please enquire for an estimate of a pure silk coat.

Price: £100-150

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Female fit Pirate Frock Coat

Swashbuckle…I mean drink tea in style in this lovely Frock Coat. It has an open front though hooks and eyes can be added, and large cuffs for hiding those extra few pistols– I mean teaspoons.

This design has two false pockets and is fully lined with a pleated ‘skirt’ that rolls with the movement of the wearer.

Available with or without the massively decorative buttons, and in your choice of colour. The example shown was made from pure silk.

Price: £100-150

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