Costume and Outfits

Whether it’s made of cotton, silk or synthetic, if it’s stitched it’s in here. Anything from modern-day coats to medieval tunics can be found in the sections glossed below. Despite the fact that I work mostly in leather now, I actually started doing stitched costumes and cosplay pieces for various characters, and have been sewing for many years longer than I’ve been wielding a hammer.

I will take on clothing based commissions on an irregular basis, depending on the time I have available. Whilst I love a challenge and I love creating characters ‘to order’ versus their original reference art, please do not be offended if I simply do not have the time to take on something from you. Larger pieces may take up to several months to make depending on complexity and patterning.

If you are after ‘cheap and cheerful’ bulk items for theatre/society games, then please drop me an email, as these are far easier for me to do and I’m happy to work to order.

Cloaks & Coats
if it keeps the rain off or makes you look like you wear sunglasses at night, it’s in here. Cloaks are the mainstay of LARP, and a coat can really make a character stand out. From frocks to dusters, they are all in this section.

Dresses & Robes
Dresses are not just for girls, and robes are not just for monks. This section covers everything with flounce and sleeves, and things in between. Relevant underpinnings for each dress will be listed in this section or given as links to resource sites.

Shirts & Tunics
Base layers, they keep you warm and they keep you stylish. Period pieces, LARP layers and cosplay mimics are all in here.

Hats & Headwear
Fascinators, tricorns, pirate hats and circlets can be found in here, along with any cosplay-mimic parts.

Skirts & Trousers
Exactly what it says on the label. Suits are co-located here and in the coats section for ease.

Trapeze Boots
Protective guards for the lower legs and feet designed to be work whilst doing Trapeze/Rope/Bar work in order to save the wearer’s legs from bruises and rubbing