Tool Rolls & Surgeon Kits

An easy way to keep your tools and bits organised, these generally hang from the belt but can be made without belt straps if preferred. They are taken as custom orders with inner pouches and straps inserted as required by the client.

Belt-hanging Surgeon’s Kit

A large and sturdy Surgeon’s Kit with customiseable inner pockets and pouches. Designed to hang off a belt and fasten with two buckles for an easy release in those tight situations.

This item measures approximatley 20″ x 12″ but can be sized to your specifications, it is made from goat kip and is available in brown or black goat kip.

Other colours are available on request. Buckles and rivets are available in silver or bronze.

Price Range: £35-45

Leatherworker’s Tool Roll

This tool roll features three fold-over pouches that fasten with pop studs for holding rivets and small tools, two sets of straps for holding spare buckles and two sets of loops to hold a rotating punch and a scratch awl.

It is made from tan chap suede, and ties shut with leather thonging. This was designed to be carried ‘in character’ and was not specified to be belt hanging.

Tool rolls such as this can be customised as required. Please click the image to see the tool roll when shut.

Price Range: £35-45