Got a prop? Excellent! Need a holster or scabbard for it? Also excellent – I can probably help you out. If it’s a NERF toy, wizarding wand, LARP weapon, or teacup, I can probably furnish it with a seat (as long as you are able to provide accurate measurements/photos). Examples of holsters and scabbards I have made can be found below.

NERF Holsters

NERF are a brand of foam-dart firing toy guns that make excellent props for LARP or Cosplay as they’re easy to aquire, light weight, easy to modify, and comply with most LARP/Cosplay prop rulings. I currently have patterns for the following types of NERF and can make these to order:

  • Maverick 
  • Strongarm
  • Recon
  • Rebelle Dauntless
  • Firestrike/Nightstrike
  • Jolt (small)

The standard holsters include wide belt loops at the top suitable for up to a 2″ wide belt, and a small loop on the back to allow the holster to be tied on if needed. The exception to the rule is the Jolt holster, which does not have a loop on the back.

Standard colours are black, dark brown, or chestnut-tan brown, with nickel-plate or brass-plate hardware. Hand dyed colours and tooling is available, prices TBC dependent on your requirements.

Price Range:
Standard £25+
Small £10+
Custom colours/tooling: £POA
(Photos coming soon!)

Cosplay Prop Holsters

If you have a specific character/cosplay prop holster that you would like making, please contact me and include images of the holster/prop in your email. I will be able to advise on what the holster will cost and how it will interact with your chosen prop.
Price Range: £POA
(Photos coming soon!)

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