Leather holsters for various off the shelf prop gun weapons, and foam dart gun weapons. I can make these to order for your prop if you send me accurate measurements and photos.

“Thorned” Tooled Drop Holster

This type of holster can be made to any LRP prop-gun size though it’s standard fit is for a NERF brand Maverick. It is available in left or right hanging and features an adjustable belt strap and up to two leg straps. It is made from veg tan and can be dyed/tooled as required.

The examples shown have a ring of thorns tooled onto the front and were made for slimmer prop weapons. Click the image to enlarge.

Price Range: £25-35

Rotating Drop Holster

This type of holster has a secret for all of those dodgy pirates persons of dubious intent who wish to shoot first: the front plate of the holster rotates, allowing the wearer to shoot their gun from the hip. This is done by popping the straps at the top of the holster and rotating the gun as required on the moving upper plate.

Since creation this item has had a ‘gun snood’ added to the bottom snap strap to prevent the gun prop from sliding.
This item was made to fit NERF brand Mavericks but can be sized to any prop.

It is made of black split but can be made from veg tan at request. It affixes to a belt via a large loop at the top and has a leg strap for stability.

Price Range: £20-30