Torso Armour

Armour for your body! This section has all the chest pieces – both male and female fit – and accompanying parts listed in it. Everything from stiffened, moulded armour to leather jerkins and doublets can be found in here.

Winged Vengeance

Based on the illustrations of Keith Thompson, the original art for Winged Vengeance can be found here. The torso is built to fit a flat chest and has fittings on the back to accomodate the 6 metre wing rig that hangs from her back.

The entire torso is made of hand dyed veg tan in five different shades, with suede accents that have been painted up to look metallic, and various creative uses of tubing. Though this armour is NOT available to order, as the character belongs to Keith Thompson, I am willing to make similar torso armour/wing rigs along these lines.

Price range: £POA

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“Samael” Studded Jerkin

This armour was made as a bit part of a set of scout/assassin armour, and as such can be combined with a number of features. It is tailored to fit and made from soft pigskin suede as the linner, and clothing weight cowhide as the outer, with hand dyed veg-tan used for the buckle straps and any optional extras. The colours of the suede and rivets are also customisable.

This jerkin can be cut to fasten down the centre line, or off centre as the photo shows. Customisable options include adding a removable collar or pauldrons on either arm (with or without optional pouches).

Price (Basic): £300

          Additional Options:
          Collar:         +£20-30
          Pauldrons:  +£20-30 each
          Pouches:    +£5-10 each

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“Mephisto” Studded Jerkin

Much like the Sammael jerkin, this type is made by trapping layers of wadding between light layers of leather (clothing weight black, in this case), except instead of rivets this one has been stitched and decorated with pyramid stud details.

It has centre-front closures, knights caplets and long tassets for extra coverage and warmth.

Price (Basic): £300


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“Wild Hunt”
Female-Fit Fantasy Armour

This is a full set comprising of: Torso armour with a built in gorget, upper arm shoulder/paldrons, vambraces, greaves, upper leg pieces and a belt with fixed decorated tassets.

The entire set was made from veg-tan leather and dyed with a brown/black fade. It is very much a high-fantasy set, erring on the ‘gratuitous skin exposure’ side of things, but nevertheless it is comfy and does not inhibit movement.

The entirety of this set laces up, but can be made with buckles or snaps at request.

          £120   Torso/Gorget only
          £60     Shoulders (pair)
          £45     Spiky Vambraces (pair)
          £100   Greaves/Upper Legs (pair)
          £80     Belt/Tassets

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“Per Aspera Ad Astra”
Male-Fit Full Set

Another hand-dyed set with runic and pictoral tooling work, this set is male-fit and quite similar to the “Opochtli” armour below.

The full set included a torso piece, shoulders & gorget, upper leg pieces, vambraces with hand/elbow coverage, tassets and box-pouches.

The price for the torso and shoulders/gorget is given below, with options for veg-tan or split leather.

          Veg-Tan Leather Prices:
          £380   Torso
          £75     Arm Vambrace (pair)
          £110   Thigh Armour (pair)
          £85     Tasset

          Split Leather Prices:
          £280   Torso
          £60     Arm Vambrace (pair)
          £90     Thigh Armour (pair)
          £60     Tasset

          £15     Additional Leg-Pouch (each)

Veg-Tan Photos


Male-Fit Full Set

Made from brown split leather and bronzed suede, this set is male-fit and hardwearing. It includes the torso piece, shoulders and tassets, with vambraces and greaves as optional parts.

Shown here are the torso, shoulder and tasset pieces (with the vambraces sneaking in for one photo, but they are not included in the price below).

The entire set fastens with buckles for easy wear/removal, but parts can be altered to snaps or lacing on request.

          £170   Torso
          £60     Shoulders (pair)
          £30     Arm Vambraces (pair)
          £45     Tassets (pair)

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