Body Armour

Winged Vengeance
Based on the character and illustrations created by Keith Thompson (and made with his permission).
This set was built to mimic the original artwork as closely as possible with a 2-4 week build time and available materials. I took this piece to Venice (Italy) in 2012 for the Carnival of Venice – and proud to say that Winged Vengeance made it to the semi finals of the Grand Masquerade! 

This torso piece was my first foray into large wing rigs, with a 6m set of cotton-and-chiffon wings plugged into the back of the torso and controlled with long rods. 

She wasn’t perfect by any means, but I am ferociously proud of how this piece turned out and look forward to potentially rebuilding her in 2019.

Price range: Not available to order – character belongs to Keith Thompson

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Mage Armour – Green Stag
This complex set included an upper torso piece, wide hero belt with tooled design, two circlets, and a set of fur-lined vambraces (lower arm guards). 

Each piece was hand dyed in a green-black fade to look as magical as possible, with runes from the LARP system tooled onto the chest, circlet, and vambraces. All hardware was brass-plated and the tooled designs were picked out in gold acrylic.

Price range: prices starting from £700 for a similar set

(photos coming soon!)

Mage Armour – Winged Serpent
A variation on the Green Stag set, this armour set was made in a blue-black fade with nickel plated fittings. The original iteration included an upper torso piece, two ‘feathered’ side tassets, one ‘dragon tail’ back tasset, and two shoulder pieces. 

This is one of my personal kit pieces – photos show variations that I added to the piece as it aged (I altered the fastenings, and added pearlescent / cut-away detailing to the torso, and removed the shoulder pieces). 

Price range: Prices starting from £750 for a similar set
(photos coming soon!)

Roman Armour – Caius
Taking liberties with the hitstorical design of Roman lorica segmentata: the design of this piece was heavily influenced by costume design in Coriolanus, produced by the Donmar Warehouse (2013).

Made from thick veg-tan leather and dyed in a red-black-brown fade, it fastens via lacing and buckles at the front, and has adjustable points on the shoulders.

Price range: Prices starting from £275 for a similar set

(photos coming soon!)

Studded Jerkin – Assassin’s Favour
This armour was made at the request of a client for something protective, warm, flexible, and not brigandine (plates encased in leather). The client asked for lace-on options including a shoulder piece, scabbards, and a standing collar. The result was this padded jerkin which does all of the above and looks imposing.For the sneakier types: this design could be made with blacked/dulled rivets and hardware!

The jerkin design has an asymmetrical fold-over front, and adjusts via side lacing and shoulder buckles.

Price: starting from £350 for a basic jerkin

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