Thighs, Legs & Feet Armour

Below the belt and above the floor, this section covers everything in between. Greaves, upper thigh pieces, knees and boot covers can be found in here.
Tassets and armour that hangs from the belt but doesn’t connect to the legs can be found in the Torso section.

“Per Aspera Ad Astra”
Thigh Armour

These pieces strap onto a belt worn at the waist, and then buckle around the thigh with the buckle straps on the outer side. They have lace-on knee guards that tie around the legs for added protection.

This particular set has long buckle straps to allow for box pouches to be looped onto the legs if desire. The Per Aspera Ad Astra set can be made in veg-tan or split leather.

    £110   Thigh Armour, Veg-Tan (pair)
    £90     Thigh Armour, Split-Leather (pair)
    £15     Additional Leg-Pouch (each)

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