Shoulders & Arms

Protection for your arms, this section features Vambraces, shoulders, gorgets and all sorts of in between pieces to protect your arms from damage, or enhance the look of that character or cosplay.
I have discovered that the Vambraces are also great if you do fire-spinning, since they prevent burns on the lower arms should your poi do what mine tend to and attempt to hug you every five minutes.

Cutaway Bracers

This bracer style has been called the “Thorncullis” style after the asymetrical, spiked design. Each pair is unique due to being hand dyed, and if made to order extra colours, detailing or even D ring attachment points can be added.

These bracers are suitable for Live Action Role Play, Cosplay or general wear. The examples show some of the pyrography and dye fades tha can be done with this design. They can lace up via eyelets and do not support buckles or snaps.

Prices: £45-60 (pair)

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