Crown of Gears

The “Crown of Gears” is my take on the Steampunk aesthetic – itself a re-imagining of Victorian era aesthetic combined with anything from clockwork to futuristic technology. The name comes from the silhouetted style of the cogs that I factor into a lot of pieces. 

Monster Ears
So why are monster ears in this range? Mostly because I made the first set of these for a ‘Steampunk Were-cat’ character. These ears are built on a circlet rather than a headband to allow them to be worn with goggles/glasses. Any animal style is possible, with hand-dyed colours and tooled design work available at request. The ears can be cover and/or line with fur (real or fake) if desired. 
The circlets fasten at the rear with a buckle, snap-stud, or laced closure. 

Price range: starts from £30.00

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