Crown of Gears

The “Crown of Gears” range covers any and all Steampunk-Aesthetic styles that Clockwork Firebird Designs produces. The name comes from the silhouetted style of the cogs that adorn most of the range, as when these were first patterned the Firebird commented that they looked rather like a crest or a crown than armour, and thus the name was born. This range is not limited to any colourway, and as such designs can be altered for a more Cyberpunk or Dieselpunk feel. For more images of the “Crown of Gears” range please visit the Flickr gallery.

“Crown of Gears” Cat Ears

The “Crown of Gears” range covers a range of items with styles pertaining to the Clockpunk/Steampunk aesthetic. So why are cat ears in it? Mostly because I made the first set of these for a ‘Steampunk Catgirl’ character, and the name and range sort of stuck. These ears are made on a circlet band rather than a headband, meaning they are compatible with glasses and goggles – I for one always hate the way headbands dig in behind the ears.

Customisation options include gradient dye work, tooling, jewellery/charms and fur being added on the ears themselves whilst the bands have the option of being plain or hand dyed leather, and can be made as a fixed size or adjustable via eyelets/snaps/buckles.

Each pair of ears is wholly unique and the variety means that they are perfect for anything from LARP to Lolita Fashion.

Price range: £20-40

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