Welcome to the Armour section. A broad-reaching term, this section comprises of multiple sub sections each catering to a different location or type of armour. All my armour is made from real leather (unless otherwise specified at request by the client). I cater to everything from Live Action Role Play (LARP) to Cosplay, to stage and screen outfits. Do not hesitate to contact me with any ideas or queries that you may have.

The Armour section includes one of the themed ranges I produce as a subsection, namely the ‘Crown of Gears’ items. Loosely, these are Steampunk/high fantasy themed armour pieces aimed towards a more neo-Victorian or later setting, with a tech edge to them. I am expanding the range as I come up with more ideas for pieces, and new quirks and traits to work into them.

Helms & Headgear
This section is for helms, hatbands, caps, eye-patches, ears and anything that can be worn on the head! As always, everything is customisable and the prices are there to give a rough reference guide.

Torso Pieces
Armour for your body! This section has all the chest pieces – both male and female fit – and accompanying parts listed in it. Everything from stiffened, moulded armour to leather jerkins and doublets can be found in here.

Shoulders & Arms
Protection for your arms, this section features Vambraces, shoulders, gorgets and all sorts of in between pieces to protect your arms from damage, or enhance the look of that character or cosplay.

Thighs, Legs & Feet
Below the belt and above the floor, this section covers everything in between. Greaves, upper thigh pieces, knees and boot covers can be found in here.

Crown Of Gears theme
The “Crown of Gears” range covers any and all Steampunk-Aesthetic styles that Clockwork Firebird Designs produces. The name comes from the silhouetted style of the cogs that adorn most of the range, as when these were first patterned the Firebird commented that they looked rather like a crest or a crown than armour, and thus the name was born.