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Creators of costume, monsters, and more.

Established in the UK as the creative outlet for one soul and a sewing machine, I spend my time working with anything from leather to embroidery in order to create unique pieces of costume. I have previously competed in cosplay competitions within the UK, winning Judges Awards for Catbus (My Neighbor Totoro, built 2008), Nefertimon (Digimon, built 2010) and a People’s Choice Award for Red XIII/Nanaki (Final Fantasy VIII, built 2007).

My non-cosplay monster builds have featured at LARP/LRP (live action role-play) events and in music videos, such as the Verdegris monster who can be seen in Heaven Has an Outline by MOMENTO and HAB360 Ltd (December 2016), with myself performing in the costume. I enjoy working with leather (real and veggie/vegan alternatives) to create armour and props, a range of which may be viewed on this site. 

My current commission status is visible in the side bar of the website and I can be contacted via the information on my Contact page.

Clockwork Firebird Mephisto Large 2

I stock a range of LGBTA+ Pride pins and merchandise which can be found on the Etsy store, working with artists Tinrobo and DigitalPopsicle;  including asexual (ace), nonbinary (enby) and bisexual (bi) themed items.

Please click on the menu options to the left to navigate around the site and browse all the different sections. The Etsy store is linked in the menu on the left and via the button below. I regularly attend LARP/LRP events, and conventions, both as a trader and a con-goer. Details of when and where Clockwork Firebird Designs will next be can be found on our Facebook page.

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Creators of costumes, monsters and more